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Theres a lot going on with the Thompson Method!  Check out below to see what Tara has been doing!  She has been very busy.  From personally delivering books, to doing radio interviews and promotions, its all here for you!


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Book Reviews

Yoga Magazine, UK said
"An excellent book that incorporates Zen Shiatsu, Rolfing, yoga and Gestalt psychotherapy to heal pain in the body... Highly recommended!"

UK Yoga Magazine

Coming soon

Biodynamic Bodywork Journal,UK by Theo McRaymond

And in other news...

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In April, Tara stopped by the set of the The Today Show to drop off a copy of her book to Kathie Lee Gifford.  A regular client of Cathy Thompson, she said 

Cathy’s extraordinary gift begins in her brain, travels to her heart and continues through the tips of her fingers. Anyone who happens to be on the receiving end is blessed, indeed.
— Kathie Lee Gifford

Book Launch Party

Coming up on June 16th, we'll be celebrating the books launch and Cathy's dream realized.  Time to raise a glass and look to the future!

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