Cathy Thompson

Praise for the Thompson method

Cathy Thompson's career spanned over 30 years. She studied Ohashiatsu, Alexander Technique, Structural Integration, Muscle Activation Technique and was a Gestalt Therapist. She seamlessly melded together these and other methods, in addition to developing many of her own techniques. She developed an entire method and set of techniques specifically for singers, in collaboration with a wonderful voice teacher and therapist, Joan Lader.  Cathy Thompson had the opportunity to refine her technique with many top performers of Broadway, opera, pop and film. The praise below is a small sample of the work she did and the people she touched while she was here.


A major resource for performing artists, Cathy Thompson has had such a profound impact on my work with singers.  She recognizes the mind-body-voice connection is what it's all about.  Let this invaluable book be your guide.

Joan Lader, Tony Award winning voice therapist and teacher

Kathie Lee Gifford, TV personality, singer and actor

Cathy’s extraordinary gift begins in her brain, travels to her heart and continues through the tips of her fingers. Anyone who happens to be on the receiving end is blessed, indeed.

Film Actor

Cathy Thompson had that the rarest combination of experience, knowledge, and pure instinct. I only had to walk in the door for her to understand where I was at physically, and emotionally. And the results were as unorthodox and surprising as her methods. She was one of a kind. She is missed by many.

Steven Lutvak, Tony Award winning songwriter and singer

I spent many years working with Cathy Thompson (and then with Tara), and reading this material reminded me of Cathy's very specific genius: her profound understanding of the body, and, may I say, much more. Working with both of them had a profound effect on my singing, and, indeed my life, and it's a great pleasure to be able to reconnect with Cathy's way of thinking and working while reading this book. I recommend it highly for anyone interested in changing, improving, enriching their lives. It certainly did, mine.

Candace Goetz, Opera singer and founder of the Goetz Voice Studio

Throughout my professional operatic & teaching careers, I have been blessed with many who have supported and enabled my vocal strength and health. Cathy Thompson and now Tara Thompson Lewis have been instrumental in my success as a singer and teacher. Specializing in physical manipulation for professional singers, actors and dancers, they are able to relieve pain, tension, and realign the body to achieve optimal health and performance. Here in New York City in my own professional voice studio, I am able to utilize their techniques to help my students understand the importance of proper physical organization as it applies especially to singing. I urge anyone who wants to be a better, healthier performer to read their book. I enthusiastically recommend their techniques, and I continue to be a delighted and grateful client.

I first began seeing Cathy Thompson in my 20's while starting on Broadway.  Both my physical life and emotional life were quite demanding and I needed all around custom tailored care. I grew up as a fan of acupuncture, massage, chiropractic work and more.  Cathy combined the best of all. When Cathy passed, her daughter Tara took over her beloved clients. Tara's calm energy and thorough knowledge of the body and how everything has a cause and effect and is linked in a chain that can be traced back to a root cause allows the client to feel safe on her table and in her hands.

After each and every session I've had, I've walked out feeling calmer yet more energized, as well as open. As a vocalist and performer being a clear channel is of the utmost importance. Tara helps me achieve that.

I highly recommend Tara's work to anyone who wants to function on a higher lever and is looking to improve their overall wellbeing!

Debbie Gibson, 
Songwriter & Entertainer

Judith Clurman, 
Conductor: Essential Voices USA, Voice and Ensemble Voice Faculty: Manhattan School of Music

The Thompson Method gives you the tools to understand how your body works when conducting, singing, teaching, acting, or just walking down a street.  It is invaluable. It has helped me become a better teacher and conductor.

Lisa Loeb, Singer/Songwriter

When I moved to New York City in the early 90s’ to kickstart my career in music, I was introduced to Cathy Thompson.  She was a key member of my team that I relied on to help me keep my voice and my body healthy.  What an incredible pleasure it is to time travel back to Cathy, even deeper into Cathy’s mind and work than I could ever get out of my weekly session with her.  She was a true healer and we’re all lucky to read her wise words and her intelligent advice, both technical and transcendental, encouraging us to be more intuitive and smart about our own selves.  This is amazing work that I’m excited other people will get to experience.

Darren Aronofsky, Director of Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan and Noah

Cathy Thompson turns bodywork into art.

Suzan Postel, The Body Sings℠, a Somatic approach to vocal/body training

Cathy Thompson was my bodyworker, mentor, and close friend for nearly twenty years. Her pioneering work has been integral to my performing career as a singer, and has informed my work as a Pilates Instructor, Somatic Educator, and creator of The Body Sings℠. This book communicates Cathy’s profound understanding of the body, the psyche, and their interconnectedness in a way that is both comprehensive and accessible. It is an invaluable tool for both practitioners and individuals who seek to deepen their awareness of body and self and enhance their quality of life.