Tara Thompson


Debbie Gibson


I first began seeing Cathy Thompson in my 20's while starring on Broadway.  Both my physical life and emotional life were quite demanding and I needed all around custom tailored care.  I grew up as a fan of acupuncture, massage, chiropractic work and more.  Cathy combined the best of all. When Cathy passed, her daughter Tara took over her beloved clients.

Tara’s work is a wonderful mix of styles and techniques that is hard to put a label on. After working with different practitioners who approached the body and spirit using different techniques, I found Tara's work to be refreshingly specific and instinctually tailored to my needs.

Tara's calm energy and thorough knowledge of the body and how everything has a cause and effect and is linked in a chain that can be traced back to a root cause, allows the client to feel safe on her table and in her hands.  After each and every session I've had, I've walked out feeling calmer yet more energized, as well as open. As a vocalist and performer being a clear channel is of the utmost importance. Tara helps me achieve that.

I highly recommend Tara's work to anyone who wants to function on a higher lever and is looking to improve their overall wellbeing.

Frank Hardart

I came to Tara based on the recommendation of a friend.  I had nagging shoulder problems and had been to Hospital for Special Surgery among others to try and address them.  After not being able to lift my arm without pain for 6 months to a year, Tara’s work with the Thompson Method address it in about 4-6 weeks and I have been pain free in that shoulder since.  Since then, I have continued working with Tara and she has helped me with a wide range of challenges from voice, to movement, to gastrointestinal issues.

I highly recommend Tara and her work with the Thompson Method.  It seems to focus on the interconnectedness of many different parts of our bodies and it works.  Thank you Tara and thanks to the friend who recommended her to me!

Andrea Au Levitt

Tara is amazing, and the Thompson Method works. I originally came to Tara on the recommendation of my voice teacher, who said the Thompson Method could help loosen the jaw and neck tension that was impacting my singing. And it did. Since then, Tara has helped me relieve shoulder and wrist pain due to excessive computer work; knee problems; pregnancy-related hip and back issues; and any other discomforts that have come up along the way. She is also the only bodywork practitioner that my husband, who suffers from severe spinal stenosis and carpal tunnel syndrome (among other things), will trust! She is knowledgeable, flexible, intuitive, and understanding, and we are grateful to have found the Thompson Method!

Candace Goetz, Singer and Voice Teacher

I have had the good fortune over the years to have had many people in my life to support and enable my voice to be the best it could be. Cathy Thompson and Tara have been on that team. Specializing in physical manipulation for professional singers, actors and dancers, they have both relieved pain, tension and realigned my body to enable my singing. Now, here in NYC, I have my own professional voice studio and refer to Tara any student who needs bodywork. Tara has inherited her mother’s talent, and, more importantly, has grown and made Cathy’s technique her own. I recommend her work without reservation and continue to be a delighted and grateful client www.candacegoetz.com

Kate Levin

Tara is a true genius at her work.  Because of her, I am able to stay healthy and feel good.

Tatiana Eva Marie, singer in Avalon Jazz Band

I am someone who doesn’t like to be touched and I needed help dealing with back pain from an old injury. Tara was the solution. She is the only person I feel comfortable with and she has relieved me of my pain in times of crisis. She has also been the source of advice for how to feel better on a day-to-day basis. A delightful feeling of illumination follows every session.

George Kwiatkowski

Tara has worked with me since 2007 on the upper body effects of long hours in the office, the midsection effects of a digestive disorder, the lower body effects of running, and most important, on how these all tie together. I have appreciated her insights on how my habits contradict the fundamentals of anatomy, and her patient treatment of the effects of not following her advice. Having worked with Cathy for the prior 10 years, I can attest to Tara’s successful inheritance of the Thompson Method.